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Rockbriar Recipes

At Rockbriar Farm we focus on eating healthfully, without sacrificing flavor.  In our home, we eat primarily a plant-based diet, with some of us eating dairy and others occasionally incorporating meat and fish.  We focus on growing or shopping for local produce whenever possible and cooking delicious meals inspired by our travels, experiences, and yoga. This page is here to provide you with some of the delicious recipes we share regularly with friends, family, and guests.


Some recipes are developed by Julia Anne with a vegan focus in tandem with her yoga practice and blog (these recipes are noted with an *).  As yoga practitioners develop their practice, conscious eating naturally follows. Eating healthfully and incorporating foods that provide specific benefits help the body be strong, energetic and heal itself. Of course, to make it on the page they all must be delicious!


We think by eating well you will feel better, be healthier and will help support local businesses and farmers in your community.

Hearty Fare

red lentil dal with oranges_edited.jpg
veggie stir fry with butter cuisine.jpg

Vegetables and Sides

Appetizers & Snacks

Sweet Treats

Bruschetta Made With Ripe Tomatos
Radishes just harvested!
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