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Food and Catering at Rockbriar Farm

Breakfast and Lunch To Go

Breakfast or lunch packaged and ready for your trip to the beach or other venue.    Dinner for two (cabin guests only)

Email or text to place an order!

Beach Picnic

Cooking Demonstrations

Cooking demonstrations: hands on with Chef Peter exploring farm to table themes for groups of up to 10.  Participate as little or as much as you want!  

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Catering and Chef Services

Catering delivered to your home or venue for private dinner parties, meals and events.

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About Chef Pete

Peter, a life long resident of Rhode Island, is the passion and creative force behind culinary efforts at Rockbriar Farm.  He spent his early career in the food and beverage business working in the kitchens of several Newport restaurants.  He traveled across the country for a restaurant group and honed his passion and talent for creative cuisine inspired by what is fresh and local to his community. 


While his later career led him to the social service industry, he remained passionate about cooking and entertaining.  Peter developed an interest in organic gardening after buying Rockbriar Farm, constantly using his own organic produce in many of our dishes.  Over the years, he and Julia Anne have hosted privately catered events on a selective basis.  Peter  also donates his culinary skills to several nonprofits that “auction” his services off!  Peter’s  love for people, his community, and cooking are all embodied in the various culinary experiences we now offer at Rockbriar Farm

Chef Pete Makes Seafood Paella

Food and Entertainment at Rockbriar Farm

Coming soon!

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