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Nov 7 - Taking Time Out - Fire Store

I write to you from the Outer Banks in NC where I have gone for a week of vacation.

I have been struggling for the first time in years with some lower back spasms, tingling down the leg and a pull of some sort in my left hip. I mention this as I have been reflecting on the irony of how much I talk about listening to your body, feeling comfortable in your practice and no pain is no pain.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had to acknowledge to myself that sometimes more yoga is not necessarily good! Sometimes less is more. I have also noticed that my practice feels much better later in the day (although I am a morning exerciser) and that a walk prior to beginning practice makes me feel so much better as I step onto the mat. A few days before we left on vacation, I began a class without the walk, early in the morning, and struggling with my injuries, found myself feeling not good at all. I persevered, backed off on each pose, and made my way through. It was not ideal, but it was a wake-up call.

While I will still practice while I am away, it will be just me, alone, finding what feels good and hopefully finding inspiration and rejuvenation that I will bring back to our practice!

To that end, some of this blog and social media this week may be repeats of a couple of prior pieces reiterate this theme. I look forward to practicing with you, my community, in a week.

Our Practice – Revisiting lower back

I have found myself in recent weeks coming back to short twisting practices and some yin yoga to get relief for my lower back in particular. The video I made early this year contains most of the poses I find most helpful for low back bliss. Additionally, I have been doing several of Yoga with Kassandra’s Yin Classes.

Link to my video on YouTube:

Here is link to one of Kassandra’s


In the spirit of finding balance in my personal practice and teaching, I turn again to my favorite book from YTT (yoga teacher training): The Heart of Yoga by T.V.V. Desikachar

(I hear my YTT friends saying, yes, and she can probably tell you what page it is on”

“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live in our life and our relationships” – T.K.V. Desikachar

Nurturing with Food – Fire Cider

I have spoken before about the benefits of fire cider. Variations of the concoction are used by many as a simple and effective remedy to relieve sinus congestion, ward off colds and flus, aid digestion, and increase circulation. It can be sipped, taken as a tonic, mixed with other beverages, or used in cooking. My preferred method is a shot glass full every morning followed by water. Others I know mix it with hot water, lemon and honey and make a beverage. I do not like the taste that much, especially in the morning and I find the benefits for me are best on an empty stomach.

When I get back from NC, I need to whip up another batch of it, I am late to doing it primarily because I have not gotten to the Good Fortune in Providence for all of the ingredients (which you can likely find in most grocery stores!)

Link to my recipe:

There are many recipes out there, but I suggest that you don’t over think it and stick to the basics and adjust to taste and the curative benefits of specific ingredients. I do not measure anything.

Be well, enjoy your practice, and see you on the mat very soon


Julia Anne

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Nov 08, 2021

I look forward to your weekly blog. Always filled with inspiration (and great recipes!).

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