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May 16 2021 – Back Care-Sharing Nature Respectfully-Crunchy Granola

Our practice – Back Care

Personal experience (30+ years of struggling with back issues) has taught me the importance of a strong core for back care. As someone who has had two back surgeries and was facing a double fusion about 7 years ago, I can wholeheartedly attest to the transformational impact of developing a strong core (and some other non invasive strategies) for turning my condition around. Therefore, every class I focus some time on targeted core strengthening. I will share more in the upcoming weeks, but the commitment to this aspect of my practice is non negotiable for me. I share below my “go tos” for my “back joy”.

· Bird dog

· Plank (forward and side)

· Navasana (boat pose)

Time permitting I may do some additional things (yogi bicycle, leg raises) but the above three are my “must do’s” every day. I don’t specify time or numbers above, start slow, focus on form and safety, your body will tell you how many to do!

Meditation – Nature as a Resource For All –

Over the past couple of years, the subject of access to the beach has been front and center in Charlestown. A man was arrested (and later apologized to) for collecting seafood for fertilizer on Charlestown Beach. While the privacy and boundaries of those who own beach front property should certainly be respected, I am not clear why it gets so hostile. I just do not understand why so many people near the beach put padlocks with chains or codes on their little “bridges” to the beach or why they must put “private” or “no trespassing”. There is no parking on the beach road; a family of 5 could hardly drive up to the access point, park, and unload onto the beach. How about a sign that says, walkers welcome but please respect our privacy and do not sit directly in front of our home? Or how about just no sign? For me it is the tone and intent of the message, not the fact of a sign itself. Our property has a path across it that the neighborhood uses as an access to the pond and beach. I have people thinking the road goes through and regularly people drive down my driveway. My only issue has been that once they are trapped, they panic and I used to fear that they would take out a child or pet in their panic to escape. I have always welcomed walkers and bikers; I will mention there have some visitors that act entitled (giving my dog off leash on our property a dirty look or me as I drive out my driveway and they come screaming in on their bikes) and have taken that opportunity to point out that this is actually private property. All I wish is for people to be kind, respectful of boundaries but generous in spirit. Ask yourself, how does this hurt me or my family – what kind of karma does this action result in?

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” Mahatma Gandhi

Nurturing with Food – Homemade (Healthy) Granola

When I was a kid, my mother (like all good academics in the 60’s and 70’s) volunteered at the natural food co-op that started on the campus at URI. Lots of tie dye and long skirts and many of us kids shuddered at what our parents tried to feed us from there…. One thing my mom made was “crunchy granola”, I never really focused on that until recently when I began researching recipes. I chuckled thinking that when we refer to someone as “crunchy” or a “granola” it is derived from “crunchy granola” and I guess the recipe must have come first. Who knew?

I have experimented with several recipes I found online, and I really like the one I came up with below. Two caveats. I do not like things sweet at all so if you like your granola sweetened add ½ cup (or more) honey or pure maple syrup to the mixing together with the banana mixture. I also like things well done, so, while I cooked mine for 55-60 minutes with some real blackening on the edge,, you may like it better at 40-50 minutes.

Find the recipe here:

Would love your feedback on all!

See you on the mat

Julia Anne

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